3D Crime Scene Imaging

3d Scene Scanning As A Law-enforcement And Crime And Evidence Documentation Service

We can get any Law Enforcement Agency exact indoor and outdoor measurements in three dimensions: Simply using our Laser Scanners. S3F-S350 is our latest ultra- laser scanner enable to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings at any crime scene. An 8 mega-pixel, HDR-camera captures detailed imagery easily while providing a natural color overlay to the scan data in extreme lighting conditions. Our short-range Laser Scanner SS3-3D X 30 is specially designed to fit the need of interior scanning applications and captures data up to 30 meter. All scanner types we use offer the possibility to perform scanning even in bright sunlight. Remote scanning as well as almost limitless scan data sharing solution making it truly mobile. Some of our Scanner model are designed especially for outdoor applications due to its small size, light weight, extra-long range, extended scanning possibilities even in direct sunlight and easy positioning with an integrated GPS receiver. HDR imaging and HD photo resolution ensure true-to-detail scan results with high data quality.

  • Distance accuracy up to ±2mm
  • Range from 0.6m up to 330ms
  • Noise reduction 50%
  • HDR photo overlay
  • HD photo resolution up to 165 megapixel color

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Safe City Systems is a company focused on providing end-to-end solutions for Video-based Surveillance, Video Analytics, Emergency Dispatch, Traffic Management, Communications and Mobile monitoring devices. Our solutions provide a unified, directed and effective response system for Public safety and law enforcement agencies. Agencies can react immediately to incidents of any magnitude, be more proactive in prevention of incidents, and record meaningful evidence for fair prosecution.

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