Computer Aided Dispatch System


During these challenging times for law enforcement, the need for a robust Computer Assisted Dispatch and Incident Management System has never been greater. First responders have had their hands full in recent months – especially as violent terrorism events, crimes, public- demonstrations and natural disaster raged across the country. If a major catastrophe struck your community, would your agency be prepared? How long would it take to deploy your teams? Can you efficiently coordinate and manage hundreds of officers and volunteer’s on-scene? How long would it take to produce a report? Without an automated process in place, these tasks can overwhelm any Law Enforcement Agency. Whether the agency is confronted with a major uprising, severe weather event, or terrorism at an event or campus, a robust Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) and Incident Management System (IMS) software like S3-CAD/IMS with its powerful ‘Resource Integrated’ response and mission manager features can assist your police force – long before the chaos begins.

Ensuring A Unified Command

Cloud-based S3-CAD, which is based on the core principles of preparation,Readiness and Execution ensures that first responders are prepared to deal with incidents before they occur. This will help your agency become more proactive vs. reactive. Mission Manager will ensure a unified command, enabling incident commanders to obtain, share and manage critical information. It all begins with team readiness and preparation, which lays the foundation for a strong infrastructure needed to save lives. S3-CAD uniquely provides an operational environment for daily team management and serves as an online command center. In the field, is mission management features provides a Common Operational Picture (COP) on multiple devices. After the incident, Law Enforcement management and users can produce instant reports for legal compliance, debriefs and reimbursements if applicable. It all boils down to information sharing, and information is power. Here's how it works:


Staff/personnel roster, complete contact information such as medical information, issued gear, training, certifications and expirations. Administrators can track and manage their team's equipment and maintenance schedules. Because this data is readily available, incident managers can quickly deploy the right people to the right place at the right time.


This is achieved with the day-to-day management of resources, state of readiness of resources (both human, equipment, canine and other), documents and forms, timekeeping, scheduling and tasks. Permission levels control who can see and edit the data.


This is initiated with simple drag-and-drop dispatch team selection, team-building and assignment of dispatch teams and resources. Incident commanders can easily create missions with pre-set or customized checklists. They can quickly callout members via SMS text, email or voice (or all three).

Situational Awareness

S3-CAD incident and mission management features enhances situational awareness in the field with real-time communications and tracking, along with robust maps featuring flexible and customizable mapping layers. GIS based Operational Information Groups (OIG) are pre-assigned layers but are customizable.

Automated Reporting

S3-CAD’s robust database provides a second-by-second record of every event. This data can be easily exported to other reporting systems based on jurisdiction-compliant reporting.

Developed by a first responder with first-hand knowledge, S3-CAD’s cloud-based incident management features can support unlimited missions ate a time. Missions can range from large-scale natural disasters and single-person rescues to training and planned events. Key benefits include:
  • Money

    Saves Time And Money

    As a "one-stop shop" integrated system, S3-CAD streamlines the workflow and consolidates functions such as scheduling, timekeeping, callouts, real-time tracking and reporting

  • user


    S3-CAD is intuitive, easy to use and highly customizable

  • Awareness

    Situational Awareness

    S3-CAD provides a user-defined Common Operational Picture that can be shared with agencies providing mutual aid.

  • Scalable


    S3-CAD can easily scale to thousands of users as needed, including spontaneous volunteers.

  • map

    Robust Gis Mapping

    S3-CAD features flexible GIS mapping overlays that include topography, weather, roads, blind spots, natural hazards, locations of hospitals, fire and police departments, as well as social media feeds at points of interest

  • Cloud-based

    Secure & Cloud-based

    S3-CAD is network-enabled and operates securely in the cloud on laptops, smartphones and tablets. It can also be used offline and syncs the data when web connection is restored.

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