Media Monitoring System

Media Monitoring System (MMS)

Media Monitoring System (MMS) monitors and provides analysis of all chosen social media feeds. The system provide tools to the Media Monitoring operators to detect patterns of conversations of ‘interest’ and identify ‘social chatter’ as directed by the management. The Media Monitoring System comprises four subsystems: data acquisition, data analysis, data display, and storage management.

Data Analysis

  • Location analysis

    The system identifies and records the posting location of social media data

  • Author analysis

    The system identifies and records the publisher of social media data.

  • Original link

    The system identifies and records the original link of social media data

  • Information briefing

    The system generates printed briefings based on the monitored content.

  • Automatic content classification

    The system supports automatic detection of articles or comments containing specific keywords or statements and supports classification based on monitoring content defined by customer.

  • Source Analysis

    The system identifies and records the source of social media data.

  • Time analysis

    The system identifies and records the release time of social media data.

Data Query And Recording

  • Data query : The system supports full text retrieval to locate topics or articles containing the search keywords.
  • Data record :The Media Monitoring operators are able to save and associate screenshots of sensitive information.
  • Statistics : The system provides the necessary statistics function in the process of data query.

Data Forwarding And Processing

  • Data forwardingy Media Monitoring staff are able to forward social media data to other persons via email.
  • Data processing Media Monitoring staff are able to send social media data to other Law Enforcement operators who handle the other workflow.
  • Data marker Media Monitoring staff are able to make remarks and post notes on the social media data for reference and future search and retrieval purposes.

Performance And Security

  • The system is fast and provide seamless data integration and management.
  • The system provides a solid and tested database design.
  • The system provides automated and integrated processes to watch, listen and track the content of media sources on a continuing basis.
  • The system enables Multimedia Monitoring staff and operators to search information rapidly.
  • Different roles and users have different rights to access data.
  • The system provide unified data storage and sharing within the Law Enforcement Network (LAN or WAN).

Interfaces And Design

The System is designed to be function on a High-Speed LAN/WAN. The major design considerations used are:
  • Browser-based Access
  • Use of Standards in design and programming
  • High level of security for transactions and queries
  • Auditable Log of changes to all key records
  • Support hundreds of concurrent logins, users and transactions
  • Exposure of API’s to Emergency Call Centre (ECC) and Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) Systems for interfacing in both real-time as well as batch synchronized mode

Digital Clip Book / Clip Archive

Because online media monitoring for both news and social media deliver clips as digital computer-based files, clip storage, management and distribution is made seamless and news clipping archival and retention mechanism is provided in the system as a ‘Case Clip-Book’ or CCB. This Archive is available at anytime from anywhere in the Network by anyone the Law Enforcement / Employer authorizes. The System tracks who accessed the CCB, what they viewed: Date/Time, Access IP Address, and other security attributes are applied. Appropriate database approach is used to easily organize clips by date, geography (location), media type, media source, and other parameters - and sort them into appropriate folders.

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