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The SCS-MP UAV (Vanguard) is a rugged VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) Drone. It is specially designed to fly over urban congested and dense populated areas with hi-rise buildings. This makes it a perfect drone for aiding in low-intensity Urban surveillance and crises. The 'see-and-avoid' capability ensures safe flight with minimal complications. It has a ‘foldable design’ making it easy to carry in the back of a vehicle. The drone can be unpacked and ready to fly in less than 10 minutes. The UAV can take-off and land from small spaces including narrow rooftops.

SCS-MP UAV DRONE is a real workhorse with the range for all your needs and features unsurpassed in its class. It is ideal for inspections of hi-rise buildings, monitor stadiums and public parks, monitor city parameters, sensitive installations and is and designed to withstand the strongest winds. This UAV is able to fly easily at a speed of at 10 m/s). The UAV (SCS-MP UAV/4) VTOL Model and Command Station has a 35Km Radio Range and approx. 94 Minutes Flight Time. The UAV is capable of being equipped with the following Payload Options:

  • HD Camera and DIGITAL VIDEO DATALINK (included)
  • LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Sensor Option for UAV (Optional)
  • LMC/Laser Methane UAV Sensor (Optional)

This UAV is a long range, high endurance unmanned aircraft (UAV) for Professional and Law Enforcement. The UAV is a fully integrated, multi-rotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of Law Enforcement application requirements without compromise. The UAV has a compact, foldable frame and is lightweight and precision balanced.

Flight Performance

  • MAX operational flight time (with payload 2 kg): ± 74 min
  • MAX range (Endurance based on a 12m/s speed): 35 Km
  • MAX forward speed: 10 m/s
  • MAX climb rate: 5 m/s
  • MAX descent rate: 2.5 m/s
  • MAX operational altitude: (ASL) ± 4500 m
  • MAX range (Radio): 35 km
  • MAX operating wind speed: ± 12 m/s
  • MAX Altitude: ± 500 meters
  • MAX operating temperature: +50 °C
  • MIN operating temperature: -5 °C
  • READY TO FLY out of the Man-Pack Box in less than 10 minutes.


  • Full Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 4 x 26" Carbon Fiber Props
  • 4 x High Efficiency Motors
  • 3 Axis Integrated Brushless Gimbal System

Battery Power

  • AC/DC Battery Charger Kit
  • 2 x 22,000mAh 6s Battery
  • 70-90 Minutes Flight Time (with and without payload)


  • Weight RTF ex LiPo: 3.5 kg
  • Weight RTF inc LiPo: 8.5 kg
  • Weight MAX Payload: 2 kg
  • Weight MAX AUW: 10.5 kg


  • Dimensions Open: (L x W x H; mm): 835L x 835W x 350H (Dome)
  • Dimensions Folded: (L x W x H; mm): 540L x 300W x 340H
  • Diagonal length: 1180mm

Advanced Controls

  • The Onboard Camera feed: This UAV is equipped with Onboard HD Camera feed for the Pilot to view on the Ground Console. The Pilot commands the drone as if virtually in the cockpit to achieve ‘See and Avoid’ capability. In an Urban setting, which has many buildings and obstructions, an optional First Person View (FPV) feature can be added.
  • GPS assisted flights: Switch between various flight-modes, such as GPS/Altitude hold, return flight and landing.
  • Manual control: Manually adjust the flight direction, height, cruise-speed and have full control on all payload features from the ground.
  • Dual operation: Focus on flight as well as vision. In the dual operation mode, the system is configured with a second control unit to facilitate focus on both the flight and camera configuration. This allows the users to perform safe and steady flights whilst delivering quality optimal data or imagery. The UAV 'Lost Link' recovery system is based on a self-healing technology to ensure that Pilot always has stable communication which allows the pilot to switch over to the backup Radio and controls. This is an option available at an additional cost.
  • Aircraft Telemetry & Status: The Ground Station provides a detailed overview of the drone's status, such as the GPS location, Battery voltage, Altitude and other flight data. The RF controller is provided with a built-in LCD status monitor, which provides the most important aircraft status information.
  • Automate with Waypoints: Fly autonomously along pre-defined flight paths and independently gather the required data.
  • Auto Take-off & Landing: Start engines, take-off and land the UAV with a flick of a switch.
  • Photogrammetry & Mapping: Easily pre-define flight grids. After launching the UAV, the software takes control, navigates and takes pictures according the grid
  • Heading Lock: This mode will cause the UAV to remember which direction is “forward” so you don’t have to worry about the aircraft heading during flight.
  • Virtual Fence & Safe Zones: The UAV can be flown within its virtual shelter of which it can´t leave the virtual pre-defined flight radius or maximum height.
  • Aircraft Configuration: The UAV app enables to adjust functions such as: payload settings, cruise-speed, max-height and flight distance.

HD Live Direct Vision Feed + Encryption

  • HD Digital Datalink to Ground Station provides the bandwidth and range needed for HD Video
  • Digital Data-Link Ground Station has a Direct Vision Feed in 1080p (Progressive Scan).
  • Digital Datalink Ground Station has a maximum HD Direct vision feed of 35km
  • Dual camera configuration has the options to be viewed simultaneously or be interchangeable while in flight.
  • Recording from the optical camera is in 4k
  • Encryption

HD Digital Video Data Link

The HD camera sensor can be integrated with the video management (VMS). The video stream can be viewed/displayed or broadcasted as the Video Feed is received by the ground station and there is an Ethernet port on the control console to switch the feed to any IP Network. The Ether Cable from that port has to be connected to the Network / Video Management System.

  • No Videos Available

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