Unified Resource Management System

Our vision of the Law Enforcement URMS system is that it is the 'Unifier' and a single point of reference for Police Force Organization Hierarchy, Police Divisions, Departments, Operations Jurisdictions, Facilities, Buildings, Rooms, Human Resources, Assets, Visitor Management , Security monitoring, Building Automation and compliance to SLA's etc. The system provides a single source to lookup Access Rights, Roles, and other critical Business Process support functions (track and manage ALL resources - hence the name we chose 'Unified Resource Management System' and not just an HR system.)

Some features that we have added are a Learning Management System (LMS) interface (to track Employee learning plans and targets), and an impressive Dispatch Unit composition and status. Other interfaces to various systems such as a Unified help Desk, Building Access / Security, Visitor Management, Assets management, CAD and Building Automation have been commended by many other clients as beyond expectations as they are very well architected and thought out. For most Police Force organizations implementing Safe City or Safe Campus solutions, the RMS is a very solid foundation to build upon. The Data Elements and how they interacted make the overall Enterprise System efficient with less points of failure and easier management of the Organization. We believe that it does not make sense at all to me to have a separate Assets table for IT equipment, a separate Assets table for Automobiles, Building HVAC, etc. just as it does not make sense to have duplication of Employees and their Rights and Roles different systems for Access to facilities, printing ID Cards, Visitor management and cards etc. For large Police organizations with multiple Police Stations and Jurisdictions, the chaos with having these systems not centralized and not unified will be unmanageable - not to mention the development efforts and time.

The Complete RMS Systems includes the following:

  • Organization Facilities Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Performance Assessment
  • Access Control Management
  • Unified Help Desk / Ticketing
  • Human Capital Enhancement / Training Management
  • Unified Asset Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Building Security Management
  • Building Automation (BACnet)
  • Resource Scheduling (People, Facilities & Assets)

Organizational Structure

  • Reporting Hierarchy, Departments, Divisions, Jurisdictions, Police Offices,
  • Physical Facilities
  • Buildings, Floors, Zones, Rooms

Human Resources

  • Employee Records
  • Job Roles and Functions
  • Access Rights
  • Employee Records
  • Performance and Appraisals
  • Training Management

Asset Management

  • Facilities and Building Assets (HVAC, Power, Fire etc.)
  • Field Assets (Automobiles, Field Cameras, Poles, Power, Cable & Devices etc.)
  • Dispatch Assets (Dispatch Units, Automobiles, Weapons etc.)
  • Support Assets (Data Center Equipment, Computers, Electronics etc.)


  • CAD (Dispatch Resource Planning & Availability, AVLS & APLS)
  • BAS – Building Automation System
  • Building Security (Main Gates, CCTV, Public Address System, Visitor Management)
  • ACS - Access Control System
  • UHD - Unified Help-Desk
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
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Safe City Systems is a company focused on providing end-to-end solutions for Video-based Surveillance, Video Analytics, Emergency Dispatch, Traffic Management, Communications and Mobile monitoring devices. Our solutions provide a unified, directed and effective response system for Public safety and law enforcement agencies. Agencies can react immediately to incidents of any magnitude, be more proactive in prevention of incidents, and record meaningful evidence for fair prosecution.

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